Jan. 2012
DECADE Products 2012 Releases. Down loadable PDF.

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March 2012 - April 2012
DECADE Products IDF Style Carburetor Kits Now
Available now, individually or in complete dual kits (for air
cooled VW Motors)
, our new DECADE,  IDF style
carburetors are ready for shipment. Completely
interchangable with the Weber 44IDF parts and jets, these
one of a kind Carburetors  feature new innovative designs
including a 20% larger float bowl. See our
CARBURETORS section for all the details.  
Complete kits for Type 1 and Type 4 VW Air Cooled Motors are
now available in both
CB Perf. and BUGPACK.
6/11/12 - Dual kits available in two brands.
DECADE will offer it's Dual 40 & 44 type 1 and type 4 complete carburetor kits in Both CB
and BUGPACK assembled kits.
Both will feature Hex-bar linkage, air cleaners, manifolds and all the needed gaskets and hardware
to compliment  the featured DECADE IDF Style carburetors. We feel that  giving our dealers the
choice in brand styles is just another way of showing we are willing to provide the best service  
possible to our customers.  Contact our sales staff for pricing and information.
8/20/12  -DECADE Full Flow Oil
Pump found in Hot VW's.  
DECADE Full Flow Oil Cast Iron Oil pump has
been discovered by Hot VW's magazine and
has made it's way into the October issue. A
basic review of the product can be found in the
Parts Bin Section on page 78. We at DECADE
are proud to have the acknowledgement of the
foremost publication in the VW industry. They
have contacted us about our other parts in the
line and are interested in using some of them  
on future magazine projects. Including our IDF
Style carburetors.  
The November issue of HotVw's magazine has hit the stands with a 2 page, full color, technical
installation article on the DECADE 40 Dual
IDF Style Carburetors. Journalist Bruce Simurda gave the
new carburetors some very positive comments including the closeness in appearance to previous
high performance Carb leaders, Weber and Dellorto, the elimination of the choke circuit and the
addition of the enlarged float bowl, which he considered to be
"important, especially in drag
racing where the wide-open throttle tends to drain the float bowl and result in top-end lean
The article includes installation and start up notes and improved performance results.
Especially encouraging was the description of DECADE Parts as a company that
"has been quietly
developing a line of quaity parts".
 Being acknowledged in the leading publication for VW
enthusiasts is good news for all of our dealers and customers. We feel confident that this is just the
start of more articles like this. You can pick up your copy of the magazine at your local newsstand.   
DISCLAIMER: The Name Volkswagen and VW are used strictly for descriptive and application purposes only and does not in anyway represent  or imply a connection
between Volkswagen corp or Volkswagen of America and DECADE Parts.